Nice lady sitting by newly cleaned window


What are my Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond options?

The Bronze Service includes:  Outside of all exterior windows cleaned with a 3 step process.
The Silver Service includes: Outside of all exterior windows cleaned with a 5 step process.
The Gold Service includes: All accessible exterior windows cleaned, exterior and interior and storms where applicable.
The Platinum Service includes:  Inside of all exterior windows (3 step) and outside of all windows (5 step).
The Diamond Service includes:  All platinum services.  Additionally, all windows will be opened, window openings detailed, and all aspects of the opening will be cleaned to prevent mold, grime buildup and wood-rot.

What is the 5 step process and when do I need it?

If it has been more than 18 months since you have had your windows cleaned, there will be a natural buildup on the glass that will not be removed with a regular washing. After a regular washing, there will be a slight haze or film and maybe a few small spots that cannot be scrubbed off. We use a razor blade or steel wool to safely remove the debris. This leaves you with a sparkling, perfectly clear window.

How often do I need my windows cleaned?

We have regular customers who have their windows cleaned anywhere from monthly to yearly. Many clients will schedule a Bronze Service every quarter or every six months, and then they will have a more thorough Silver or Gold Service once a year. We will be happy to discuss service packages and options with you that will fit your needs and budget.

What do I need to do to prepare for my window cleaning?

Our thoroughly trained employees are used to safely moving and working around furnishings, window treatments, etc. If you have very expensive or special sentimental items where we will be working, we would request that they are moved prior to our arrival.

Do you wear shoe covers inside to protect floors?


Do you clean screens?

Yes. Screen cleaning is included at no additional charge in our Gold, Platinum and Diamond Services.

Do you clean light fixtures?

We often use our ladders and tools to clean hard to reach fixtures while we are cleaning windows at a home.

Do you clean mirrors?

Yes we do. We can clean them with the same process we clean the windows with, which leaves them spot and streak free.

Do you clean gutters?

We offer full service gutter cleaning which includes removal, baggage, and haul off of all waste in gutters, complete water flush of gutter system, and inspection of mounting brackets and gutter hardware for deficiencies.

Do you charge sales tax?

In the states of Kansas and Missouri, service providers are not subject to sales and use taxes on the services they provide. So no, we do not charge sales tax.